Hosting Apps On Azure Storage

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Hosting Javascript Apps For (Almost) FREE

Hosting an app can be expensive if you don’t do it correctly. A lot of articles talk about pushing your client side apps to App Services or other options that are not cost effective. Azure Storage is the cheapest, fastest, and best option for most.

Pairing this up with an Azure Functions based API and you can reduce costs from potentially $100+ to Dollars Azure Functions would need to be called 10,000,000 times to cost $1.80 for the month.


Azure App Services with SSL and Custom Domain name will run you somewhere around $54 based on their current calculations.

Azure Storage Account According to the Azure calcualtions tool this will cost $0.06 a month. This also gets you global CDN distribution in addition to SSL and Custom Domain name support. It requires a few more steps but cost savings for static client apps or sites are a no-brainer.

Create App

Create an app using your favorite framework and compile it for production. I use Azure Devops to release to my Azure Storage site. I will detail that in another post.

Host a static website in Azure Storage

Microsoft Tutorial - static website in Azure Storage

Integrate a static website with Azure CDN

Microsoft Tutorial - static website with Azure CDN

  • This is needed for the custom domain name
  • Azure CDN also gives you a certificate and SSL configuration which is a huge plus!

Custom Domain Name

Microsoft Tutorial - Custom Domain Name

  • In my DNS Settings on GoDaddy, I adjust the www CNAME entry to point to my

HTTPS Redirect

  • To force HTTPS add a rule to the Azure CDN to redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS